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noppa-aboutThe reading archive is simply a rearrangement of the story posts – or “moves” – in chronological order – WordPress by default displays posts in reverse order, newest first, which is hardly ideal for newcomers looking to start from the beginning. Here the stories should display straightforwardly, ready to read.

Derak in the Jeweled Swamps
Derak the Easterner is a feared assassin in Serene Scarlet, a great metropolis of trade and intrigue. However, when a job gone wrong causes him to awaken to his morality for the first time in his life, Derak has no other choice but to leave the city and seek for his lost balance in the far-away jungles of Kiho and Armen…

Lucie and the Last Dreamer
Once, True Magic existed in the world, magic capable of bringing the infinite into the soiled world of men. Lucie, unsatisfied with her comfortable life, risks it all in search of even the barest hint of meaning. When her journey takes her to the barren coasts of far-away Karst, she discovers an intricate balance of greed, apathy and wonder.

Derak in the Scarlet City
Derak the Easterner has returned from the Jeweled Swamps, but he is now a changed man… no longer is Derak capable of the callousness of the assassin’s trade. However, what fate does the city of Scarlet have in store for a man wishing to set down his blades?