Arts and Crafts · Lucie and the Last Dreamer

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I am myself. I am canny, mordant, eager. I laugh at the gods. I delight in life. My enemies greet death gladly.

I am of the second sex, yet striving for more. I am petite, tan, oval-faced, my shoulder-length hair split in the middle. At a time fit for the eyes of men, but grimy with the dust of travails by now.

I am journeying towards the lichen-covered ruins of the Lunar Citadel in the hopes of discovering the secrets of presence and becoming among the inhabitants; my ambitions are arcane, I yearn to make my place in the world by the occult lore.


The Lover

The Dreamer is the last of his breed, thousand years old being of race of dreaming wizards. They once lived in the Lunar Citadel but are now but a memory. He is terribly lonely and wishes to find a student for his vast and arcane arts. He sees that Lucie would be the one.

We’ve seen that he can control three people when they are dreaming to do his bidding, to maintain his “threads” so he can continue living indefinitely in his dream state. He has tried to guide Lucie, yet his motives for doing so are in the dark, as is the mystery of the destruction of Hadracia’s army as well as the Citadel itself.


The Monster

Bungisgan is an inquisitor, conspirator and a direct heir of ancient Bungisngis, the Mad Poet of the Golden Empress Hadracia. He is unable to sleep but keeps himself alive using herbs and medicines. He is very influential, and can amass great wealth if necessary to his aid.

We have learned that he actually is not a relative of Bungisngis, but rather has eaten the old poet’s dust in a grisly ritual. This has destroyed his ability to sleep and driven him to madness, yet he is possessed by a need to destroy the dreamers and their curse on him. He has twisted the four bravos, who have now betrayed him over a promise of gold and he is ready to twist and break everything to accomplish his feverish obsession.


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